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“If we do the right things to the body it will respond immediately”

(Douglas Heel, the founder of Be Activated Technique)

An extraordinary power of a manual Body & Mind Activation Treatment with measurable, immediate and positive results will efficiently contribute in exploring of the pure and truthful strength, your body possesses.

How does it work?

The emphasis of Be Activated treatment is to identify how muscles and neurological compensations are making human body stiff, tight and leading to stress, injury and pain. At first, a measurement of the strength, flexibility and balance through series of a simple tests is taken. This will establish a baseline so you will be able to see, feel, and compare the progress by post-activation re-tests. The next step is to work through the process of activation of a specific "activation points and areas" what stimulates the nervous system and aid to override these cheating muscle patterns. (https://douglasheel.com/be-activated/ ) The activation techniques are easy to learn and they offering a unique, powerful tool to control over your own health, in your own time.

Who Is It For?

Body & Mind Activation Technique is a simple, useful and empowering method that can be taught to anyone. (https://douglasheel.com/stories/ ) It follows the core principles and priorities of the human body.

How Long Does the Activation Last?

Everyone is different, and what we are trying is to introduce to the body a new patterns of movement which in reality is a completely new habit. The correctly aligned body functions in a powerfully 1-2-3 explosive state. In some cases, it will have significant gain and will hold the new way effortlessly while in other it will need more intervention and reminding. But as soon as muscles start doing their job, the body will be able to begin using the correct movement pattern. When this happens you will be able to feel and experience the difference almost immediately.

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