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sport massage therapist

Jan Toth

(Registered NMT, Body Balance, Deep Tissue & Sport Massage Therapist)
sport massage therapist

Jan Toth graduated at the National Training Centre in Dublin and holds a National Qualification Certificate in Neuromuscular Physical Therapy, Orthopaedic Sports and Event Massage with a further training in a revolutionary, science-based and world-wide used Neuromuscular Activation method known as “Be Activated”, designed by Douglas Heel, a South African Physiotherapist and Kinesiologist.

Jan is fully qualified and provides a natural, drugless, non-surgical, safe and effective neuromuscular activation and body balance treatment which looks at the body as a unit. He specialises to identify, reduce and completely eliminate the real source of the muscle imbalances, musculoskeletal compensation patterns, repetitive injury issues and a variety of unresolved or chronic pains caused by such activities as poor lifting habits, bad body muscle mechanics through various sport/work activities (a tennis stroke, golf swing or even computer keyboarding). Relying on powerful self-healing body mechanism functions and properties this therapy is appropriate for everybody.

Jan Toth is a FULL MEMBER and his treatments’ are covered by Laya Healthcare (formerly Quinn Healthcare), Irish Life Health (formerly AVIVA Health) and also reimbursable through many extended health plans, therefore all the patients who are also clients of insurances mentioned above are entitled to receive a refund of some of the fees paid to him.

Jan Toth
“Effective Body Massage to Get Rid of Your Pain
Physical Therapy to Restore Your Body Balance to Keep You That Way.”


  • Neuromuscular Physical Therapist
  • Advanced “Be Activated” Technique Practitioner (level 1 & 2)
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