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Neuromuscular activation

The emphasis of the treatment is to stimulate the nervous system and override those defensive and compensation patterns that usually makes the body stiff and tight. The core principles are that before each activation of a specific "activation point" a measurement of the strength, flexibility and balance through a series of simple tests is taken what establishes baseline so you as a client are able to see, feel, and compare progress by re-tests post-activation. "Douglas Heel says…it is like putting a fuse back in a broken electrical circuit".

  • A muscle testing to establish the baseline
  • Activation process
  • A muscle re-testing

Deep Tissue massage (DTM)

DTM is a type of massage therapy focusing on realigning deeper layers of muscles, connective tissues and protective fascia surrounding bones & joints. DTM involves applying of firmer pressure and slow strokes what is beneficial for increasing the range of motion, eases or completely eliminates the chronic muscle tension and stiffness, and aids to release of muscle knots and trigger points.

Muscle Energy Technique (MET)

MET is a manual therapy technique that helps restore neuromuscular balance and alignment in the body and assists in releasing restrictions in the musculoskeletal system as well as aiding in the de-activation of myofascial trigger points. MET can be applied in a variety of ways and each application may be fine-tuned to suit the individuality of the patient and the condition of which they are presenting. MET methods may be successfully used in isolation, but more often than not MET techniques can be commonly beneficial when combined with other modalities and methods including:

  • Positional release technique (PR)
  • Neuromuscular techniques (NMT)
  • Relaxation massage
  • Soft tissue release techniques (STR)
  • Strain Counterstrain (SCS)

MET can be applied to a range of acute and chronic conditions which can result in the following therapeutic outcomes:

  • Muscle inhibition
  • Restore functional length and tone into a muscle
  • Strengthening muscle tissue
  • Re-training appropriate function within the muscle
  • Deactivating of trigger points
  • Preparing soft supporting structures prior to mobilisation of a joint
  • Mobilises a restricted joint
  • Enhance local circulation
  • Rehabilitation after disuse or injury
  • Rehabilitation and re-education of compensation patterns of misuse, i.e. posture and breathing dysfunction

Soft Tissue Release (STR)

STR is a dynamic, highly effective technique that has an immediate and powerful effect on muscle and connective tissue. It involves applying of precise pressure during a specific movement, in a various planes of motion. The aim is to provide a therapeutic effect to the nervous and fascial systems in a way that leads to spontaneous release of the adhered tissues, thus regaining the original resting length and mobility of that tissue.

Sport/Work massage

It’s a form of treatment involving the manipulation of soft tissue to increase blood circulation, to help prevent injury, to enhance performance and to maintain a person engaged in regular physical activity in optimal condition. Sport/Work massage encourages and helps faster recovery from workout and injuries.

Combined treatment

In some occasions, soft and soothing massage with an adequate pressure may be all your body is looking for. In some cases, a combination of various techniques can entirely relieve or eliminate an accumulated muscle tension and restore balance within the body.

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